About the Company

BBP Event Established in 2000, Big Bang Party’s (BBP) has become a leader in the entertainments and event management service acrosssouth India. Known throughout the industry for our consumer show expertise, we supplement our knowledge with an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service. At BBP we strive not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. We provide you with some of the best and brightest show management professionals in the industry and time-tested show management techniques of outstanding results.

Entertainment& Event Management Service in Chennai

BBP is an "Event Management" company. The foundation for its growth is the ability of management and staff to approach each show, event or project with innovative ideas, strong creative concepts and professional management services. We thrive on the challenges of taking an idea from inception to completion.

5 Advantages of using - BBP Event Management

1. Entertainment & Event Management Service in Chennai
We’re professional event managers who are extremely knowledgeable. BBP Event management team are prepared for every eventuality – trust us, we’ve seen it all before! We know what questions to ask, what’s needed when and how long things take. We’re highly organised, meet deadlines and know how to manage a budget. If you use our expertise to plan and organise your entertainment events, you can focus on your own job.

2. Save Time and Money
With direct links to venues and suppliers, BBP event management companies get preferential rates and can negotiate the best prices based on these relationships and our experience. We’ll know the most suitable locations, facilities and support services to meet any clients’ needs – which may not always be the most obvious ones. We can also offer alternative options with the information readily available so you don’t have to spend time searching on google!

3. Creativity and inspiration
A successful entertainment event management company will no doubt have been involved in a variety of events and will know what will create the wow factor at a huge conference or how to encourage participant involvement. We’re up to speed with the latest trends in event technology and attendee interaction. It’s this experience and day to day exposure to the world of events that will bring creativity and a different perspective.

4.Skilled Team
If you needed a professional entertainer for your wedding or if your CEO now wants your company to start hosting its own staff annual awards? Then we have right team for you.. BBP team know the right people with the right skills – who’s most suitable, who’s available and their rates. Short notice demands can be really stressful, but outsourcing them not only solves the problem but will make things easier for you too.

5. Measurability
Ultimately, an event management company’s success is based on customer satisfaction – yours, as the client but also the attendees at your wedding and corporate events. You’ll be able to measure that via feedback mechanisms most suited to your audience. Budget management, cost savings, leads generated, audience interaction – you can define what you want to measure and will have definitive benefit result.
Whatever wedding or corporate entertainment events you have planned, working with us will help to your budget and facilitate smoother running events that are more successful.

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