Live Audio / Video Karaoke Show


Ready to Sing? Well add karaoke show and let the Fun begin.

Live Audio / Video Karaoke Show Ready to Sing? Well add karaoke show and let the Fun begin. Live Audio Video Karaoke Event is suitable for wedding receptions, corporate events, kitty parties,, Birthday parties, and for people who really love to sing..

With a vast selection of video karaoke tracks available, BBP Entertainment is your best choice for karaoke. From the favourites of yesterday to the hits of today...we have them in major languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam

So whether it's a party for the kids, a reunion, wedding reception or corporate event and you want karaoke....BBP Entertainment will provide the equipment and you become the star!

Are you ready to get your to get your sing on? LET’S DO THIS!!

We offer more than just a screen and microphone. We offer a great time, an up to date karaoke selection, we offer professional singers if you need and they also help you in singing at the event.

Bring your wedding or party to life with BBP’s video Karaoke set-up. You pick it, we play it. When you hire our Ultimate DJ package you are getting a great sound system and an amazing light show. You can also add video projection to your package that you can use to play live video at your party and video wash. You can useourprojection to play picture and video slide shows. Have you ever seen a reception where the Father Bride dance looks like they are dancing on clouds? That is called cold Flow or Low Flow. We can bring this to your party also! What clients are telling us is we simply offer more!


Western Band (English Song Only)
Finding the right western band for your wedding music can be stressful if you don't know where to look especially when it comes to classic English songs. It's important to find a great band for your wedding reception that caters to the energy and ambiance to the event. Most of the popular parties and event western bands get booked up first, sometimes a year in advance. Even when you look to hire weddings singers or DJ's, the good ones go quickly. So to get started contact us to block them asap..

Types of western music bandswe provide for weddingreception or corporate parties and events

If you need dancing and want a variety of genres, Likeretro music, romantic songs, rock hits, country, pop and rock & roll..

6 Piece Band: High-energy party band. Flexible in size, genre, and great at learning your needed requests. Perfect if your priority is:style, energy, dancing, versatility, vocals, and horn section

5Piece Band: Wedding and variety band. Young, hip style with a fun blend of popular dance genres. Perfect if your priority is: modern style, versatility, energy

3Piece Band: High-energy small band. Vocalists and versatile musicians. Perfect if your priority is: vocals, reputation, and versatility

Some brides prefer more specialized entertainment like a Country Band, Pop, or Ethnic groups. Contact us and we can discuss some more unique Wedding Music options.

This is a 6 piece instrumental band that is perfect for either background music or traditional/classy dancing. This band specializes in wedding music for receptions & dinners along the lines of Adda, Boney M, Frank Sinatra, and Tommy Dorsey etc. They can play as either a purely instrumental group or with a wedding singer

We provide all professional equipment’s required for our Orchestra / Band, including PA (sound equipment) and lighting, which are manned by our dedicated sound engineer to ensure things run smoothly.

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